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As Woodbridge Valley becomes a mature community so do the trees. In recent years the Association has been involved with the issue of decaying and falling trees. The WVICA Covenants do not address the issue of trees so here is a summary of Baltimore County government’s policy and practices on trees.

Private Property – If a home owner feels that a neighbor’s tree represents a hazard to property or life, it is the home owner’s responsibility to notify the neighbor in writing about the tree hazard. The home owner should also notify his insurance company of the hazard and the steps taken in notifying the neighbors. Baltimore County will not tell or dictate to a property owner what to do with a tree. In fact if the neighbor’s tree falls on the home owner’s property and the home owner has not notified the neighbor in writing about the potential hazard, the home owner is responsible for cleaning up the debris.

While homeowners are responsible for the trees on their property, in the case of trees in open spaces, the question of who is the owner becomes problematic. Most of the large open spaces in Woodbridge Valley are maintained by the County. Two of the largest examples are the elongated strip of land between Fernglen Way and Pleasant Valley Drive and the wooded area behind Woodcliff Avenue towards Forest Rock Court. Both of these areas have had potentially hazardous situations in which the County intervened.

Baltimore County Property – Most of the property owned by Baltimore County is under the auspices of Recreation & Parks or Highways.

If a plot indicates a section of land as Open Space, that property will be under the control of Recreation and Parks. Contact Baltimore County’s Property Management Constituent Services at 410‑887-3827. If the open space is not controlled by the County, they will help find the owner. The County will not address any fallen trees but will cut down a tree that is a threat. The tree cut down by the County will not be removed.

Trees that are a hazard along a county street or road will be addressed by the

Highways Department of Baltimore County. Call 410-887-3300 which is Public

Works. From there you will be directed to Highways.

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