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Under the Covenants of Woodbridge Valley the highest allowable height for perimeter fences is 48“. All fences must have prior approved by the Association to avoid violation of the Covenants and the potential of a fence being erected on another property or on Baltimore County easements.

Then why does it seem there are so many perimeter fences that are higher than 48 inches. There are at least four reasons:

  1. Several fences are older than 20 years which was before the WVICA assumed responsibility for the enforcing the Covenants.

  2. There are three other communities (Westerlee, West Park, & Ellicott Mills) which abut Woodbridge. Several large fences are in these communities. as seen on Crosby Road , Upper Mills Circle, and Johnnycake Road

  3. The homeowner of one fence in Woodbridge, as a result of a court settlement, can retain his six foot fence as long as he owns the house. The courts placed a lien on the property stipulating the house cannot be sold until the fence is removed.

  4. Three houses within Woodbridge Valley have recently erected similar high white vinyl fences and have been notified by the Association of their Covenant violations. In previous Court involved covenant cases ( which Woodbridge Valley has prevailed), the Association was provided pro-bono legal services by the Community Law Center Since the Community Law center will no longer provide pro bono assistance for Covenant issues, the Association, using its own funds, is legally pursuing one of these three cases at a time.

When the Association becomes aware of a fence violation, steps are taken to work with the homeowner. This past year we have had two owners reduce the height of their fences to 48 inches. The Association is determined to maintain the Covenants but can only succeed with the support of the residents. One form of support comes when a Woodbridge resident becomes aware of a covenant violation and notifies someone on the Woodbridge Valley board. All reports remain anonymous.

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