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When Woodbridge Valley was designed forty years ago as a community of three and

four bedroom houses, it was assumed that a parking pad for two cars was adequate for off street parking. That assumption regarding adequate parking is no longer valid as families have three, four and more cars per household. In addition, a number of houses have been altered to contain five, six, and even seven bedrooms. First among the obvious problems resulting from this explosion of cars is parking; not off street parking but street parking. Street parking, if not done in a courteous manner, can have a negative effect on relations among neighbors especially in the

Over the past twenty-five years a protocol has developed in Woodbridge Valley to

address the street parking in a responsible, rational and civil manner.

1. When street parking, park only on the side of the driveway in which your mailbox is located. With this as a guide line, the courtesy of not parking in front of your neighbor’s house can be maintained.

2. Do not block the sidewalk when trying to squeeze an additional car on the off street parking pad. Do not force walkers and playing children on to the street to save the car driver a few steps.

3. Do not double park as this contributes to compromised sight lines for drivers and walkers.

4. With two cars on the parking pad and two to three cars in the street in front of the house, four or five vehicles can be easily parked without infringing on the neighbors.

5. If your household has more than five cars that have to come and go on a regular basis consider alternative parking in areas that have open lots. With five or more cars in a household, neighbors should not be inconvenienced because of the choices of your household.

Woodbridge Valley continues to be a pleasant area to live and raise children.

Inconsiderate street parking should not be a factor to work against this positive


If you have a situation in which street parking is a concern please share this tried and

true protocol with your neighbor.

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