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Upfront With Vegetable Gardens

Having one’s own vegetable garden is a traditional and positive activity. To put food on the table or share food with neighbors that was produced by one’s own hand creates a sense of well being.

A recent concern in Woodbridge Valley is not vegetable gardens but their location.

Various Woodbridge Valley residents have commented on the growing of vegetables in the front of one’s home. The concern of these residents is that vegetable gardens in the front yard changes the nature of a residential neighborhood.

Whereas the covenants address the prohibition of raising chickens, geese, etc. to

protect the residential nature of Woodbridge Valley, there is no specific restriction on

vegetable gardens. The implication, however, in all of the covenants is to maintain the residential character of the neighborhood.

Those residents with vegetable gardens in the front of their houses are not asked to

discontinue the gardens but rather to use the backyard for vegetables in the future.

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